dam monitoring books

Instrumentação e Segurança de Barragens de Terra e EnrocamentoMonitoring for the Safety of Earthfill and Rockfill Dams” brings together, in a single text, a clear and precise manner of all the fragmented information published in articles or stored in several technical reports. This information reflects the Brazilian experience and technology, consolidated over the last decades, to build hydropower infrastructure in the country. João Francisco A. Silveira not only participated in this process, having worked in several of the largest dams in Brazil, but has developing methodologies for managing dam safety - particularly sensitive issue when our generation Hydroelectric Power Pants begins to hit 50 years or more.

Being long-lived structures, dams need to be maintained and periodically re-evaluated or rehabilitated for safety conditions along the time. It is in this role that instrumentation occupies a prominent place.

This is a reference book for all those who are dedicated to design, monitoring, construction, rehabilitation and performance of dams.


Instrumentação e Comportamento de Fundações de Barragens de ConcretoMonitoring and Dam Foundation Behavior of Concrete Dams” is a particularly important contribution of  João A. Francisco Silveira, related to the rock mass behavior in the foundation of some large dams.

Systematizing the rock masses deformability obtained in the laboratory and field tests, are established for basaltic, granite, gneiss and metamorphic rock masses. The measures allow the establishment of a link between the theoretical and measures data.

Contributed to the realization of this book 30 years of experience and 12 in large monitored dams, during different periods of its life.

The Chapter 10 is devoted to dam instrumentation, guiding the selection of the most appropriate instruments, their best location, their performance, etc.

A book that consolidates the Brazilian experience - super helpful to dams professional in the areas of Rock Mechanics, Structures and Concrete Technology.


Acted as Chairman of the International Committee of ICOLD - International Commission on Large Dams, entitled "Ad Hoc Committee on Small Dams" in the period 2005-2010.