the company

SBB Engenharia originated in April 1999 as a result of a breakdown of Geohydrotec Company, in which Eng. João Francisco Silveira participated as a partner. Previously he worked for 22 years in PROMON Engenharia Co, in São Paulo, Brazil, in the area of dams and hydroelectric plants.

SBB Engenharia acts specifically in the areas of "Instrumentation" and "Dam Safety", performing inspection "in situ", Instrumentation Analysis of Civil Structures, Instrumentation Controls Values Assessment, preparation of the Emergency Plan, Classification of dams considering the Risk and Potential Damage, etc. The office is located in São Carlos, SP.



SBB Engenharia and the Engineer João Francisco A. Silveira had the opportunity to perform work in different regions of Brazil and abroad, in countries such as Algeria, Angola, Peru and Ecuador. Work was carried out in more than 150 power plants, with more than 850 inspections and rehabilitations, up to now, as relation that follow:

• HPP Itaipu – Main Dam, of ITAIPU Binacional;
• HPP Belo Monte, of NESA;
• HPP Jirau, of CCCC;
• HPP Água Vermelha, of CESP;
• HPP Três Irmãos, of CESP;
• HPP Marimbondo, of FURNAS;
• HPP Xingó, of CHESF;
• HPPs Paulo Afonso I, II, III e IV, of CHESF;
• HPP Campos Novos, of ENERCAN;
• HPP Barra Grande, of BAESA;
• Jacareí Dam, of SABESP;
• Jaguari Dam, of SABESP;
• Misbaque Dam, in Ecuador;
• Dahmouni Dam, in Algeria;
• Beni Haroun Dam, in Algeria;
• 5 Dams of ANA, in Peru;
• 41 SHPPs, of CPFL.