Enginnering Works

Based on the Law on Dams Safety No. 12.334 / 2010 (Sep / 2010), as well as the Normative Resolution No. 696/2015 of ANEEL (Dec / 2015), the dam inspections were grouped into different categories, whose frequency depends on the Risk Classification and Potential Downstream Damages.

SBB Engenharia has performed Regular and Special Inspections of Dams, with semiannual or annual frequency, as can see below.


Regular Inspections

Schematic representation of the anomalies (modified from Roque and Comission, 2001)SBB is currently performing the "Regular inspections" of a total of 41 SHPP - Small Hydroelectric Power Plants, located in the following States:

• Rio Grande do Sul State - 05
• Santa Catarina State - 07
• Paraná State - 01
• São Paulo State - 17
• Minas Gerais State - 09
• Mato Grosso State - 02

In terms of hydropower plants:

• HPP Belo Monte, PA;
• HPP Cachoeira Caldeirão, AP;
• HPP Monte Claro, RS;
• HPP Castro Alves, RS;
• HPP 14 de Julho, RS.

Checklist used by SBB in field inspections
Special Inspections

"Special inspections" are performed after the occurrence of special events, such as an exceptional flood, fast lowering of the reservoir, sensitive earthquake at the dam place, etc., being performed by SBB Engenharia when required.

Held in 2015 for ANA - National Water Agency, in Peru, a Special Inspection was performed in the following dams located in the north of Peru, in an area of high seismicity, by appointment of the World Bank:


• Poechos Dam;
• San Lorenzo Dam;
• Limón Dam;
• Gallito Ciego Dam;
• Tinajones Dam.